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Thursday, September 22, 2005

From the Notebook of A Scribe......

Hey everyone on this blog, Kasia was having difficulties with this post, so I (Aichelle) told Kasia to e-mail it to me and I would help her out by posting this on to here because that's what fellow classmates do, they help eachother!!! :)


Well I guess the beginning is a good place to start with this so.....today we started off with reviewing Question #6 off the Review sheet. h(t)=-5t^2+6t+3. Mr. K. Then broke it down using the equation -b/2a to find the x-coordinate.

-b/2a = -6/2(-5)
= -6/-10
= 3/5

Btw....the plus three on the end is a given answer. The plus three tells us that the divingboard is three meters above the water already. He then Broke the original equation { h(t)=-5t^2+6t+3 for those of us who may have forgotten} by plugging the x-coordinate into the place of t.

h(3/5)= -5(3/5)^2 + 6(3/5) +3/1
= -5(9/25) + 18/5 + 15/5
= -9/5 + 10/5 + 15/5
= 24/5

The answer to the equation giving us the y-coordinate and the Maximum value. Next we broke it down further to find the roots of the equation.

0= -5t^2 + 6t +3
0= -5[t^2 - 6/5t + (-3/5)^2 - (-3/5)^2] + 3
0= -5[(t-3/5)^2-9/25]+3
0= -5 (t-3/5)^2 + 9/5 + 15/5
0= -5 (t-3/5)^2 + 24/5

t - 3/5= (+/-)√24/5
t=(3 (+/ -)√24)/5
t= 3 + √24/5 t= 3 - √24/5

---------------- REJECT

You find the roots at t=3+/- square root of 24 (over) 5. BUT!!!!!!!!! DON'T FORGET THIS! ***The Root: t=3-square root of 24(over) 5, is not needed due to the context of this problem. So beside that root you would put REJECT! PLZ DON'T FORGET! YOU WILL NEEDLESSY LOSE MARKS!
Also, Mr. K made it quite clear today that you should use the "tools" from your "tool box" appropiatletly. As he said.."There are many ways to skin a cat......but please don't for the sake of the cat" In other words. Don't go and do a whole algebraic expression if all you need to do is -b/2a.
While we were going over this lesson, Mr.K mentioned that we need to learn to ask questions. SO don't be timid and just shrug it off because most likely your not the only one sitting there pondering a certain part of the problem. SO RAISE YOUR HAND AND ASK! The worst that can happen is you learn something new....
Once that was over we went through our pre-test....was that an eye opener! The exercises have definitly paid off there. Anywho, he gave us twenty minutes to do it and then split us into groups. We then went over the test in our groups and jotted down what we came to think of as the right answers to all the questions on the test and handed that in with all our names on one sheet. With that done Mr. K quickly went over the pre-test with us and wished us luck.
Now before I do the same I would like to add for the sake of all of us the little rules of which we all detest!

1. always write y, 0, etc. before all of your equation lines.
2. the domain is always (-infinity, infinty)
3. use pencil.
4. Don't forget the square bracket/round bracket rule. Square means its included. Round means its up to but can not be.
5. always name the x and y axis and finish the line with arrows.
6. The answer to the axis of symmetry always begins with x=!
7. Always go to three decimal points unles told other wise.

Well thats it for me i guess...what can I say..Its been fun! Good Luck tomorrow.

Last but not least the scribe for tomorrow (Monday) is GRAEME.


At 9/22/2005 10:00 PM, Blogger Mr. Kuropatwa said...

Bam! Another notch!

There are a few things I really like about your post, Kasia. The first is the fact that Aichelle helped you out. We've got a great little community growing here! As you, and others in our class, have commented earlier everyone seems to have adopted the attitude: "We're all in this together so let's help each other out."

You might want to take advantage of Richard's post: BLOGGERS 'R 'US. He gives step-by-step instructions on how to create and post a blog.

The level of detail you've included has become a standard in this class but it's the little touches that make your post stand out. The summary of "little things not to forget" and your emphasis on asking questions really struck a chord. Well done!


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