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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Jonathon's post

Hey everyone this is my blog.

I think we have a great class this year, I have never bin in a class with such involvment from all of my classmate's. I know most of u dont know this but i went to Tec voc last year. It was an alright school but it wasnt any were near as challenging as Daniel Mc and there wasnt even a Quater of the class participation.I think this is bloging is great it makes it easier and alot interesting. I was struggeling in the first week of class and I didnt get much of what Mr. Kuropatwa was teaching us and I wasn't readying the bolgs. But after reading everyones blog I think I'm starting to understand everything alot better and I think I'm getting a handle on grade 11 pre-cal.
So I'd like to finish my blog by thanking everyony in our class for your blogs and I want you all to know they helped me alot. And Id aslo like to thank Mr. Kuropatwa for being a great teacher, your the best math teacher I've ever had and I think everyone will argee with me.



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