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Thursday, September 22, 2005


Well today in class we started off with going through our review hand out for our test tomorrow and everyone seemed to have trouble on question 6, which was a relief since I found out I wasn’t alone lol, but after Mr. K went through the question with us, it helped me understand how to do the question and also reminded me that I had to use –b/2a which totally helped me on our pre-test afterwards, especially when I got to the last question and it looked kind of identical to the one on the review. Overall though the pre-test went great for me and also for my group you guys were awesome…afterwards Mr. K went through it with us and we got to see if we made any mistakes or not, and that’s where class ended. But So far in this course I’ve been doing pretty good, I’ve been understanding everything and I’ve also been enjoying to go to class and learning something new each day, such as how a quadratic function could look prime but still have roots, and how certain questions can lead you to getting only one root and have the other one rejected, because of how the question was stated.

But before i end this i just want to say thanks to all my classmates for their great blogs and participation, because you guys are totally making pre-cal easier for me with your posts, and don’t forget we have a test tomorrow so GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!


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