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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Bloggage before test

So...math eh? I get how to find sum of roots and product of roots.[-b/a, c/a] I know what a discriminant is and I can decipher if there is one, two, or no real roots. I understand absolute value and how you can get two different answers. Rational equations are okay. Something I'm having trouble with is solving radical equations, like when Mr. K. does it on the board I'm like o0o0o0o0oh but when I'm at home I'm like n0o0o0o0o0o because I don't get the right answer and I do the question again but I still don't understand. I got most of the questions on the pretest but the one question that threw me off and probably threw everyone else off was the last one with the triangle, I looked at it and was like je ne pas compris (I don't understand). I'm not really good at problem solving or those kinds of questions so hopefully tomorrow Mr. K. will go over more of those kinds of questions for us so we can understand how to do them. One last thing, good luck to everyone on the test and I hope you all do well.


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