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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blogging b4 Testing

Hey guys! Sorry, last night I completely forgot about posting because I was out. But, I hope this still counts as a post "before" the test.

First of all, I hope all of you studied for the test we wrote today beause if not, you might have got caught on a couple of tricky questions. I've always found algebra easy, but this unit has really got me thinking. I think it's that there are some major parts of the unit that we all focus on more like "Rational" or "Absolute Value" equations, but we forget about some of the small functions of the unit for example:

b^2 - 4ac = the disriminant

A couple nights ago, it took me a while to work out a couple of these questions so I went back and looked at it. In fact I looked at all of the small details of the unit that one might forget about. So I know it's probably too late, but ask yourself, "Diid i study all parts of the unit?" because if not, there might be a couple of questions that you lost marks on because of it.

Finally, I think this program is going well. I think Mr. K. is really great at explaining all topics. As well I think this blog is a great idea and thanks to all who participate. Well good luck on any up and coming tests and the rest of the semester.

Craig K.

P.S. once again very sorry about posting up late.


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