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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

blogging before the test!

This is my third blog and got pretty scared cause my computer wouldn't let me access this page for some reason, but lucky me it finally worked today pheww... but yeah for me personally this unit went by so quickly it feels as if we just started working on it yesterday and now we have a test tomorrow, so far though i believe i've done pretty good in this unit, i still do get confuse here and there sometimes but who doesn't right...also i have a little problem with word problems never seemed to like them, but i know that if i started reading the question more carefully, maybe i can actually grasp what's being told and asked for, but i guess i just sometimes intrepret the question wrong either with what to draw or what's being asked for. But yeah today had a pre-test didnt' do bad but thought i could've done better well i hope everything goes great tomorrow for everyone and myself good luck to you all =)


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