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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Blogging For Test

So I thought this unit was okay. I agree with Jacky on this one, that the word problems confuse me. Like, I totally blanked on what to do when we had our pretest. The quadratic formula seemed pretty okay overall, when we first learned it, I was like, wow Mr. K, and you made us do all that other work to find the roots, when we could've just used THIS FORMULA? But hey? Good thing he made us sing that "x = -b + or _ the square root, of b squared minus 4 ac, all over 2a" like seven times in class. It's such a good song, and I practically sing it everytime I write down the formula. Haha, but yeah. For the rest of the things we learned, I was okay with them too. So, good luck guys on the test tomorrow!


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