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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Blogging Mark For Equations

Hi guys! This unit went by fast. I can't believe we have another test. We didn't even get to see our mark on the trig test. We covered a lot in this unit. I remember the quadratic formula song. I'm probably going to sing that in my head tomorrow for the test. Haha. The easiest thing for me is finding the discriminant. The formula is short and simple. The thing I have difficulty with is PROBLEM SOLVING. I hope the questions on the test won't be too hard like the question on the back of the pretest. When he went over it the first time, I didn't understand but the second time, I got it. Isn't it weird when the teacher does it on the board or starts it off for you, you get the answer right away but when you do it by yourself, it's like you forgot everything. Well, that's how I feel. Well I think this is enough. I'm going to keep it short and good luck tomorrow!!!


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