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Saturday, October 22, 2005

My Muddiest Concept..(blog)

Hey...its me agian. Well here goes my third bolg. As you can tell from my name this concept we are taking right now just so happens to be the muddiest we've taken so far for me. Its very confussing and so I'm rightly confuzzeled.
The pre-test was one of those things in life the tend to like to name "wake up calls". Our test is on Tuesday so I have some real work to do. The problem isn't the in class work. With Mr. K there explaining, it all just makes sense, it's when I get home and try to apply what I learnt in class to the quesitons that I get really confuzed..but only on this one concept so far. i don't kow if it was because of the many teachers that have been gone through in the past week or that I just have a harder time grasping the type of concept, but I hope I won't be stuck in this rut for very much longer. So for those that understand what I'm going through...good luck on Tuesday, and for those who have no idea what I'm talking about I'm glad there are some people who are understanding this,(You might be the ones I ask for help, lol) and good luck as well!


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