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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My Turn to be a Scribe

Well, today we basically just wrote the pretest, corrected it within a group of four, and corrected it all together. Hmmmm........ I'm not sure what to talk about so I'll just go over the questions on the pretest.

1. Find the length of x in the figure at the left.
a) 30
b) 22
c) 31
d) 52
e) 63

The answer for this question is d) 52. To get this, use the trigonomic ratio, cosine=adjacent/hypotnuse to find AD.
You should get 230.9. Now that you have AD, you can now use the sine law to find x. You should receive an answer of 52.3.

2. How many triangles ABC can be contructed with A=30°, a=4, and b=10?
a) none
b) one
c) two
d) can't be determined

The answer for this question is a) none because if you get to the point where you have to find sin30°, you'll find that it equals 1.25. Remember, sine can't be greater than 1.

3. This question is pretty basic. You just have to solve the equation then find the relative angle between 0° and 360°.

5. Ahn observes the angle of elevation of the plane to be 48°. At the same instant, the angle of elevation for Crystal is 34°. Ahn and Crystal are 80km apart on level ground.
a) How far is Ahn from the plane?
b) How far is Crystal from the plane?
c) How high is the plane?

This problem has two cases. This is one case. To find a) distance from Ahn and the plane, use the sine law. Use the sine law once more to find the answer to b) distance from Crystal and the plane. To find c) height of plane from ground, use sine=opposite/hypotnuse. (sohcahtoa)

This is the second case. To find a), use the sine law. Use the sine law to find b). To find c), use sine=opposite/hypotnuse.

Well, these are all the questions on the pretest. If I made a mistake on any of the questions, please tell me. Good luck on the test tomorrow. The scribe for Thursday is AichelleS.


At 10/04/2005 8:27 PM, Blogger Larisap said...

wow, goood job rosel =)

At 10/04/2005 8:40 PM, Blogger AichelleS. said...

yes good job and nice good luck sign and YAY I get to be the scribe for a new unit woo!

At 10/04/2005 9:06 PM, Blogger Richy said...

WOW!!! It's like I just did the pre-test all over again. lol. Excellent Work

At 10/04/2005 9:19 PM, Blogger JessiccaI said...

Great job on the blog Rosel! You did a great job explaining everything in class. Nice pic.


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