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Monday, October 03, 2005

Postage #2

<--- *This should be everyone, studying hard and doing their homework, not slacking and not doing their homework!*

So I actually get this stuff. Sometimes it's a little bit confusing but it's so much better when Mr. Kuropatwa explains it. Like one moment you're like..???????...then the next moment you're like OHH, I get it!! Don't you guys just love that feeling? I know I do and if you really don't understand something, *YOU SHOULD ASK QUESTIONS* When we were doing the problems from the board, my first impression was umm what does that have anything to do with what we're doing??..then when we drew the picture I was like OHH! So....we have that pretest tomorrow...Mr. Kuropatwa said to engrave that pattern into your head and how math is all about patterns and if we remember the patterns we'll do well on our pretest and real test. Good luck to everyone with your homework, pretest, and test! Oh yeah,
*Don't forget to review your notes/Ask Questions/Do Homework/Remember Patterns and use your BRAIN*


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