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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Scribes Scratches....

Hi fellow math people! Sorry this is late but the computer at my mothers house is down so I have had to wait until I got to my fathers. So ne ways here is what we accomplished in class on Thursday.
The first thing Mr. K went over was a review a quick review of everything Mr. Clark taught us. eg. sum =-b/c and the product equals b/a. Then he showed us case 1 and case 2.
He took an absolute value equation eg. ---pretend the brackets are straight lines please----(x+3)=7 Then he put the equation into the case 1 and case 2. x+3=7, x+3=-7 and solved coming up the answers x=4, x=-10.
Then came the pre-test which came as a major surprise to most of us I am sure. This pre-test included one multiple choice question on the sum and product of one equation. Where you use the sum and product equations themselves to figure it out. pretty straight forward. Then we had a second multiple choice question on wether the answers to an equation would have certain characteristics. The answer to this question was that the equation would have tow negative numbers in their solution sets. eg. they had four solutions for x: -4, 1, -3, 10. Within those four solutions there are two that are negative.
We also had a question were we had to find out if the equation had two answers in its solution set. To do this you must find use the discrimmatent. You plug in the numbers and if the answer was greater then 0 then x would have only two answers. If it equals zero then x would have only one answer. The last question was a problem solving question of which no one understood completely.

Sorry about how small the writing is. First time I have done this. Ne who. You want to find the distance of x. We know that the distance across the top is 10 miles. We also know that the person swam at a rate of three miles an hour and ran at a rate of five miles an hour. The last thing we are told whithin the question is that the entire trek from A to B to C took 3 hours and 20 minutes.

This was the question. The answer? Well that is a whole different story. I myself didn't quite understand it so I do not feel at all comfertable trying to explain it to my fellow classmates and everyone else on the world wide web. I am very sorry about this. If Mr. K after having read this would kindly go over this question one more time on Monday it would be a great big help, But for those out there reading this think of it as a challange to try and figure it out yourself.
After the pre-test we were split into groups and were to go over the questions amoungst ourselves and come up with what we thought were the correct answers and hand one of our sheets with all our names on it into the teacher. Mr. K then went over each question individually. Well that was our Thurdsday class and once agian I apologize for it being late and for not being able to properaly explain the problem solving question. I will finish off with saying that the test has been moved to Tuesday, Monday now being a question period, and to study and do your questions this weekend. (The reviews) Ciao guys.


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