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Monday, October 03, 2005

Simple? I think just a little bit!

Trig well whats to say about trig? it's pretty easy. It's like learning basic trig all over again but with pictures of waves instead of right triangles and now ACUALLY drawing them out. It's like two subjects in one, math and art. Anyways back to math. What's to say about trig? Its just an extention of last years trig? haha I guess that pretty much sums it up except its now ONLY harder (expected). The only thing thats troubling about trig is drawing them waves (well for me), and you'll see my problems in the Muddy Point blog. Well yeah class is going great learning lots think my brain's hurting from knowledge =S, so yeah before I end this lets just leave a little prayer before the test so we all pass, and GOOD LUCK!


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