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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Trig Post

Okay so there is a test tomorrow for another finished unit. I understand how to graph sine and cosine as well as finding the equation for the graphs. Using the trig ratios for solving triangles and such doesn't seem that hard since I still remember most of it from last year, thanks to SOHCAHTOA. All of it is just really confusing when it comes to the word problems. But it makes sense most of the time when I mark down the information and make the diagrams.

Today we had to do a pretest in class then afterwards divide into groups and discuss our answers within our groups. I was a bit confused on how to solve the questions and stuff but when our substitute, Mr. Tram, went over the test, I understood it more.... I'm really trying to figure out what other things I should say but since I can't I'll just end it off here.

GOOD LUCK ON THE TEST EVERYONE!! I know I'm probably going to need it.


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