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Monday, October 03, 2005

Troubles w/ Trigonometry? (Posting up... ...again)

Haha well here comes test numero deux and along with that comes the storm of last minute blogs so I decided 2 get mine over with before someone takes my message.

Well so far this unit has been very, very easy. I've understood almost all of it but I know some other people haven't so I've decided to maybe spend a couple minutes in their shoes...

... I can understand the troubles with the graphing of trigonometric functions. Well these designs are kind of complicated because they're so alike. It would be different if sin and cos were like the inverse of each other but they're not. so sometimes that would confuse me. then there's the 45 degree phase shifts (horizontal movements), which has it's gender confusion (the positive/negative signs switched around) then on your already minutely scaled graph (usually about 4 square centimeters) you have to find the half-way point of half a line of loose-leaf. VERY FRUSTRATING! then continue these placements in increments of 90 degrees [unless the period is changed (gr. 12)] okay then sometimes there's a amplitude of about 4 or 5, Great! Now you have to stretch your scale at least a line so it crashes into a previously drawn graph. But, the frustration isn't over now there's a vertical shift of -2 so now you didn't have to stretch your scale so you erase that and part of your other graph, and then stretch the bottom scale of the graph. so finally you can mark your points on the graph and draw your line. OOPS! there's a negative sign in front of the amplitude so now you have to pretty much erase the whole graph and restart it except draw it UPSIDE-DOWN!

So my advice is do what I do: practise with all of these questions. Try to visualize what the graph will look like in your head. (It saves a lot of time and eraser remains).


Alomst Forgot!


On the upcoming pre-test and test!...


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