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Sunday, November 20, 2005

blog post before our test

so tomorrow we're having our test for the unit about linear inequalities ang solving equations with 2 and three variables. from all the unit we tackle, this seems to be the easiest for me (but not that much). we already tackle this topic from my former school. the good thing of studying this topics again is that i learned far more than what i already know about it. with this, the transition from highschool math to university math would be smooth. my classmate friends from the philippines, who loves the subject math when we are still in highschool (yes, im supposed to be a 2nd year university student in the philippines but because it is just equivalent here to grade 12, i need to be back in highschool), were having a hard time in university specifically engineering courses. i'm also stuggling in math when i came here because the lessons here are explained more deeply than just knowing how to solve a specific equation and that's it, we can get our grade if we pass our tests. i hope learning more topics about math can give me back my interest in math.

so goodluck to everyone for tomorrows test!


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