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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Circle scribe

Hey again

This is post is for today's class
today we wrote in our math journals most of the class and then we did a circle geomerty that we have to finish tonight for homework. This post was edited Nov 23 at 5:45

Circle Geomerty


1) The sum of all angles in a triangle is 1800

2)the angle exterior to a triangle is equal to the sum of
the opposite interior angle

3)Congruent: Means the same shape and size

4)Transversal: A line intersects 2 parallel lines

5)Opposite angles: two angles that are opposite
each at the intersection of to two lines are called opposite angles.
opposite angles are congruent

6)Alternate angles: two angles on alternate sides of a transversal are
called alternate angles. They are congruent

7) Corresponding angles: two angles on corresponding sides of a
transversal are called corresponding angles. They are always congruent.

8) Congruent Triangles: any two triangles can be proven congruent using
one of these four properties .

The Anatomy of a Circle

O - is the centre of the circle

is a chord- A straight line that joins two points on the circumference

is a diameter - chord passing through the center of a circle.

is a sector - a lime segment that contains a chord

is a tangent- a line that intersect, (touches) the circle at one point

radius- a straight line that joins a point on the circumference to the centre

is a minor arc- part of the circumference

is a is a major arc some but bigger

segment AB - part of the area of a circle bonded by a core and a minor arc

Sector FOC - part of the area of a circle bonded by the centre angle and an arc

centre angle: angle whose vertex lies on a circumference of a circle.

Inscibed angle: A angle whose vertex lies on the circumference of a circle

"Arc": the measure of an arc is equal to the measure of the centre angle that subtends that arc

This is all the notes I got I think I Missed a couple on the board sorry. If anyone has the rest please send me a comment and tell me so I can edit the post thanks. Thanks Robert for letting me borrow your notes

Tomorrows scribe will be ....... larisa


At 11/22/2005 9:06 PM, Blogger GraemeW said...

Awesome job, makes typing up the notes a lot easier. Copy paste copy paste... Thx man


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