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Sunday, November 13, 2005

postage before test

So math, eh? I like this unit. I like it because it's easier to understand than some of the other stuff we have been doing. When Mr. K mentioned the z-axis I was like what? and when he mentioned ordered triples I couldn't help but laugh because I found it so funny, remember Liz, Craig? LOL anyways back to math. I like solving the equations, it's fun! When I first did a question by myself and I got it right, I was so excited. I love that feeling, don't you guys? I pretty much understand this concept. Although there's a few things I have to remember, like writing down all that stuff on the side and writing the sentences. You know what's cool? Yup, you guessed it, when we draw two lines on the cartesian plane with the less than/greater than/equal to symbols. That's cool, yup with the dotted lines and outlined/shaded-in intersections. So that's all my opinion on this unit. Study for the test everyone, blog, and I hope you all do well.


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