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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Posting Up (On time this Time)

Well, As this unit comes to a close and the test comes closer, everyone rushes to their computers to post before the test, so I'm taking my turn and doing it know.
Well this unit has been interesting. The hardest part has probably been the time wasted drawing the outlines for the system solving. haha just kidding Mr. K. I understand that it's very important to do this. As well, we have to describe each step of the process. It's annoying but as the problems get harder the more clear it is that we have to do it. This way the teacher can follow your work easier and know what method your using, but more importantly if you make a mistake,you can go back and see where you messed up. The linear equations and circle problems were very easy.
I also wanted to remind everyone to SET UP THE OUTLINE, DESCRIBE EACH STEP, and WRITE A SENTENCE for each problem involving systems otherwise Mr. K. won't mark it. So if you forget, the conclusion that Mr. K. can come to is that you didn't read this post.
Well, good luck to all.

Hope my reminders helped!


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