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Monday, November 14, 2005

scribe post

Well Mr. K started off the class by asking everyone if they did their homework during the weekend, which was to sign up for a del.icio.us account, so if you haven't yet.YOU SHOULD!! Then he told the class that a couple of people from Alabama will be visiting our site. SO PLEASE REMEMBER WHEN WRITING A POST ON THE BLOG TO **SPELL CHECK. Hopefully i'll remember to do the same (hahaha).

Then he wrote 2 questions up on the board:
1.A target is described in terms of coordinates (x,y). Where x and y are measured in metres. All the following are true:

2. Given the graph, write the system of inequalities describing it:
The easiest thing to do when looking at inequalities is pretend their just lines

***When multiplying or dividing a negative number the inequalities changes directions
eg. 2 <> [M(-2)] -4 > -12
[D2] 1 <> [D(-2)] -1 > -3

***When taking the reciprocal of both sides and they have the same sign, inequality sign changes directions:
-1/2 > -5/6 ----> -2/1 < -6/5 ***When taking the reciprocal of both sides and they have opposite signs, inequality sign changes directions:
-1/3 <> -3/1 < 3/2

He put 3 more questions are the board, but didn't have time to finish them.

Sorry if some of the information is hard to understand. I'm sure I've made some mistakes, so please feel free to correct me.

Anyways the next scribe is RoselS


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