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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


WELL I'm very sorry about the late post. I didn't time earlier.

First in class we went over the Circle Geometry - Investigation #1. And we learned that the relationship between a chord and the perpendicular is that the perpendicular to the chord that passes through the center, bisects the chord.
As you can see here:

Then we realized that when we drew the perpendicular on some of the chords it DID NOT cut the chord in half. We figured out that the circle wasn't a circle because the radius wasn't the same throughout the entire circle! But that was just a mistake the computer did so no biggy.

Then we did Circle Geometry - Assignment #2.
AND AGAIN, the circle wasn't a circle (good job figuring that out kasia!) because the lengths of the diameter weren't the same throughout the circle. So we crumpled up the paper and threw in the recycling box. Mr. K ran out and got us fresh sheets with REAL circles.
This assignment was also similar as Assignment #1 but we learned that all bisectors become the diameter of a circle and we know this by measuring. And we can say that the perpendicular bisector of a chord passes through the center of a circle.
Like this:

Then Mr. K talked to us about 4 ways of getting bonus marks.
If you are getting greater than 90's on your last tests you are only allowed to get 1 bonus mark. Then if you are getting 80-89's you can get 2 bonus marks.
70-79 / 3 bonus marks
60-69 / 4 bonus marks
50-59 / 5 bonus marks
40-49 / 6 bonus marks
30-39 / 7 bonus marks
20-29 / 8 bonus marks
10-19 / 9 bonus marks
0-9 / 10 bonus marks

Here are the ways:
1) making an acrossticks
2) Editing someone else's post
- But you have to go to Mr. K first and tell him which post and what you would like to do with it.
3) Editing your own post
- And again you have to go to Mr. K and tell him what you want to edit on your post.
4) Add most content to old posts
- You must go to Mr. K again to tell him what content you believe you missed out on that you want to add.

And that is all for today folks.

Tomorrows scribe is AICHELLE =) .


At 11/23/2005 10:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo isa. You missed somthing. lol. Homework is Exercise 30. Hahaha. That's all. - Malcolm @ chatbox


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