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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


wow this unit just flew by. wasn't as packed with so much info as i thought it would be when Mr. K talked about what we were going to do this week. From starting to relearn about venndiagrams!? Wow take me back to grade 6 and 7. From comparing characters from books. haha. I had the most trouble with the venn diagrams though because having to shade in which particular region got me very confused but after doing numerous question it seemed a bit easier. Also the logic stories and questions weren't as hard but your mind just has to be in that habit of getting the hang of thinking that way. Then the matrix questions didn't seem that hard to do because it's just the matter of reading clues and sticking the information you find from those clues to figure out what you're looking for. Well that's about it, good luck to everyone on the test tomorrow.


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