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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Chapter: Pre-Test, Scribe: Mr. K Late =/

Class started pretty strange, with no questions on the board. Except today we got to wait about 20 minutes for Mr. K to get into class. Side note: Mr. K, if you expect us to follow your guidelines to pass this class I think we ALL should follow them especially the BEING IN CLASS ON TIME thing ? Lol i'm not ranting on you I just thought it would be fun =D.

Today's class despite the wait, happened with a pre-test, OMG test tomorrow. Yeah that kind of thing lol, and here's the questions from the pre

Question 1: The segment AB is tangent to the circle at point T. Which angle is qual to r ?

Choices: a) a b) b c) c d) d e) none of the these
Answer: a) a
Why you ask ? It's because of the tangent chord therom.

Question 2: Determine the value of x.

Choices: a) 50° b) 80° c) 90° d) 100° 3) none of these
Answer: b) 80°
Why you ask ? It's because of the central inscribed therom.

Question 3: Given the circle with centre O, which of the following best describes the relationship between x and y ?

Choices: a) x = y b) x + y = 180° c) x + y = 360° d) x + 2y = 360° e) none of these
Answer: d) x + 3y = 360°
Why you ask ? It's because of the central inscribed therom.

Question 4: In the diagram below, O is the centre of the circle. Determine the measure of angle x, in degrees.

Choices: a) 30° b) 40° c) 50° d) 60° e) none of these
Answer: c) 50°
Why you ask ? It's because of the central inscribed therom, but not really the therom it's better explained with the SPECIAL CASE OF THALES.

Question 5: In the diagram to the left, R, S, T and U are points on the circle with RS = RU = UT and SI = ST. Find the measure of LUST.

Choices: a) 30° b) 35° c) 36° d) 40° 3) none of these
Answer: c) 36°
Why you ask ? It's because triangle UST and RSU are both isoceles trianges LSUT and LSTU are both congruent and same goes with LRUS and LRSU. Which gives us something like this:

180 - 2b + a = 180
a = 2b


a + a + b = 180
2a+b = 180

With these two equations we can use substitution and like magic you get a number from a question that had no number. Ok Ok i'll do it for you guys don't have to get mad.

2 (2b) + b = 180
4b + b = 180
5b = 180
b = 36

And that's how question 5 was accomplishes have fun with it boys and girls NAR HAR HAR!

Question 6: Determine the measure of LECB, LBDC, LBAD and LDBE, where E is the centre of the circle. Justify your answers.

Statment - Reason
EB = EC - Radius
LECB = 40° - Triangle ECB is isoceles
LBAD = 110° - Supplementary to LEBC
LBDC = 50° - Central inscribed therom
LDBE = 20° - Sum of triangle BCD

That was like whoa haha. Anyway that's what we did today in class hard questions ? Somewhat depending on if you know your theroms. Test tomorrow ? Shouldn't too much trouble why ? because EVERYONE should KNOW their theroms lol.

And guess what monday's scribe is PAMELA, haha see what happens when you miss class =P


At 12/08/2005 5:34 PM, Blogger AichelleS. said...

lol that was quite an entertaining scribe post..I liked how you explained things by using different colours, good job!


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