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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Alright well i know its like 2 in the morning sorry you guys i had work today till 12 and got home around 12:30 i just want to apologize again but dont worry i'll let you guys know who the scribe is for tomorrow...well technically for today haha!

Well today Mr. K started class off with asking us what we thought average meant and what an average person would be like, and which one of us believed that we were average...and of course nobody raised their arm except for JENNIE haha its okay though because it was funny =) Oh yea another thing mr. k asked us during class was can you picture a triangle with angles but no lines? what a good question dont you think haha, and after that we discussed about inductive and deductive reasoning, and we also talked a bit and wrote in our dictionary, where we wrote and learned some new words...here's what we wrote;

logic: the branch of mathematics (and philosophy) that deals with sond reasoning.

agreement: a logical arguement consists of two (2) parts:
  1. a set of premisis
  2. a conclusion

premise: a basic truth

conclusion: the result of an argument

valid argument: an argument is "valid" when it's result is a direct consequence of it's premisis


all men are mortal (premisis)
mr. k is a man (premesis)
therefore mr. k is mortal (conclusion)

An argument is not valid when it's conclusion is not a diret consequence of it's premisis even if its premisis and conclusion are true.


all men are mortal (premisis)
Mr. k is a man (premisis)
therefore mr. k wears glasses (conclusion)

sound argument: an argument is "sound" if it is both valid and true.

induction: when we observe several particular examples of same things, and then conjecture that the "discovered" pattern must always be true.

example: all our "investigaion" activities in the circle geometry unit

deduction: when we are form a certain inarguble basic truths (like definitions) to a valid conclusion.

example: thales proof that every inscribed angle subtended by a diameter is 90 degrees.

Alright after we finished writing and discussing the different words and reasoning, Mr. k gave us some class time to do exercise 45, and that's how we ended our class i know this post isn't as long and im guessing it's cause we didnt' do as much today in class, but sorry again that this post isnt as great and detailed as my other ones, and sorry im trying my hardest right now im just really tired from work but dont worry i'll fix this up tomorrow night alright.

Till then the scribe for tomorrow is...i'll let you guys know in class haha


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