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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


•Venn stole Eüler's Circles and named them after himself.
•Each Venn Diagram has a UNIVERSE which includes all the numbers inside and outside of the circles.
•Null sets are a subset of every set.
•Not all objects in a universe are inside the circles

•Definition of a SET is a collection of objects
•In English, COMPLIMENT ( ' ) means "NOT"
•A complimented set excluding a regular set is equal to the compliment of the two regular sets unioned together. e.g. [ A'\B = (AUB)' ]
•Give all of your Venn Diagrams a universe around it and labels for each set when drawing them
•Reading "AUB" in English would be said "Set A UNION(or) Set B"
•A set must have at least two subsets: itself, and a null set
•Meaning of INTERSECTION (Ω) in English is "AND"


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