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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Logic...eh? haha..When we first started with the Venn Diagrams it reminded me of elementary...oh what memories...just kidding. I thought it was pretty straight forward and I understood it. The operations sort of get confusing when they are operations within operations but it's easy once you work it out. Conditional statements...those are funny haha "It will rain today if and only if I wear a hat" I still have to remember the notation for each of the types of statements because I don't know some of them, I'll just reread them until I'm comfortable---actually everyone should do that. Indirect reasoning...that can get quite confusing, it's also sort of funny. Matrix logic problems...those are quite fun because it's like a mystery that you need to solve..fun, fun, fun...except the super hard ones...or more challenging ones are...harder to solve..unless you are hardcore like Craig...he's a smart cookie..

I hope you all do well on the test tomorrow and don't forget to do a reflection..it's an easy mark, as well as your acrostic if you want to do one
study your defintions
do the review
and do the online quizzes that were provided for us..Good Luck!


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