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Monday, December 19, 2005


I guess we did not do much in class today. Mr. K. Started up by giving us Consumer Mathematics Student Reference Book 2 and 3 other sheets which are Unit Price And Exchange Rate Assignment, Budgeting Assignment, and Budgeting Form. We are suppose to be working on this and hand-in the Assignment on Thursday. Then he asked us if we had question on Friday's assignment but then we were good. So Friday's assignment was suppose to be hand-in today but then he gave us an extra day, so that assignment is due tomorrow which is Tuesday. Yah and then he asked us something about grade 8, if we still remembered anything from grade 8. Mrs. K. Was there and they argued about this and I think Mr. K. Happen to remember most of things he did in grade 8 and I thought that was weird. And he explained the New Assignment which is to be hand-in on Thursday. And he told us a story about the bank which he said that banks round too much and we should REMEMBER THAT FRACTION ARE OUR FRIENDS. He told us that we should look at the numbers first which I did not get it. That was when he was explaining the second assignment. The last thing is that we wrote notes on "Conditional Statements" but the problem is that I don't how post it because of the table, so if you know how holla at me and I will try fixing it.



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