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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My LAST Scribe before EXAMS =/

Well I know that it Aichelle's scribe stated that Larisa's today's scribe, but apparently she has already been scribe so Aichelle chose me to be today's scribe =/.

Anyway today's class started off regulary with Mr. K puting questions on the board for us to do for a little review from yesturday's class, but today's class was kind of weird for the start. We only had ONE question to work with. Kind of odd don't you think ? Usually it would be the whole white board with 4 questions or sometimes just 2, but today we had only 1 ? I think Mr. K believes we're getting the hang of things here. Question: Do you Mr. K ? Anyway we should be starting to get used to them anyway from the homework and reviewing our notes. HINT HINT exam less than 2 weeks, time to test our long term memory guys.

4x3-7x+3 <--- that was the question from today. I will put up the process later today just because I feel like annoying you guys and making you work at it and not just copying it down =D.

EDIT: Solution
y-intercept @ y=3
possible numberators: ±1, ±3
possible denominators: 1, 2 ,4
possible roots: 1/1, -1/1, 3/1, -3/1, 1/2, -1/2, 3/2, -3/2, 1/4, -1/4, 3/4, -3/4

f(x) = (x-1)(4x2+4x-3)
f(x) = (x-1)(2x-1)(2x+3)
roots @ x = 1, 1/2, -3/2

Then you graph it, lol it's not because i'm lazy to put in the graph myself but I think we all should be able to create the graph using our calculators. IE. extra practicing using our calculators =D
Edit done

Afterwards Mr. K gave us the schedule for the rest of the week:
Today: Polynomial Function graphing notes and start on Radical Rational Functions
Tomorrow: Continue Radical Rational Functions, graphing and notes
Friday: Finishing off the rest of our notes and finishing off the cirriculum.

Today we had A LOT of notes written down in our dictionaries, mine came to about 2 and a half maybe 3 pages ? lol, but they were in-depth so they should help us when we study for our exam.

Radical Rational functions we started with Mr. K explaining to us why we can not divide by the number 0. It is because if we divide by 0, 0 can be any number.
2 *2 = 4
4/2 = 2
2*0 = 0
0/0 = 2 <--- CAN'T HAPPEN
Afterwards we then began to look at the graph of this function, f(x) = 1/x, and saw that it never touches 0. It gets close and close and closer to 0 but never touches it. This lead to Mr. K's lesson of "The History of Google," which is acually a number that looks like this 1x10100. Lol I know I cheated but I'm not going to sit and count 100 zero's lol it's lunch time I still have to eat ;). And that is how class ended today with Mr. K yelling (exageration) out our homework while we piled out of the classroom. (Homework Ex. 56)

BTW tomorrow's scribe is...... Robinna =P

and a little reminder
something I thought might help =D


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