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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My last scribe post...

Hey guys sorry this is late...

Well today in class we started off with a super secret survey! Whhooppeee! Well not really secret but close to. The survey was all about what we thought about the math class and teacher that happened to teach us. It was a simple circle the answer that best suits your thoughts on this topic type of thing until the end where you could right personal comments if you so wished. This was of course anomynous.

Next we were given a pre exam type pre test thing on what the class voted had been the hardest concept to understand...triginometry! This pre test was an awesome way in my opinion at least to help refresh our memories, because of this I feel that if you missed class today and the test I'm sure Mr. K would be happy to hand you a copy of it to do. I found that learning from the mistakes you made was way easier then watching Mr. K do the work on the board. I will post all the questions and answers tomorrow so that everyone else still doesn't miss out on the correct way of doing things.
Of course following the pre test we were split into groups and within them tried to figure out the best way to solve the problems. (Show you later on as I said)
Mr. K continued by showing us the answers on the board and going over only the first problem solving question (boy was that a doozy). The bell then promptly rang and class ended like any other day. :)


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