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Thursday, January 19, 2006


So today we started off by talking about the coin hunt and how fun it was last year. Then he ask "who wanted to be part of the committee?"and how surprised he was when no one i mean no one raised there hand. Anyways we took out our handy- handy dictionary and discussed rational functions.

Graphing Rational Function
Rational Functions are written as the Quotient of two polynomial.
F(x) = a(x) ; b(x)
. b(x)
appearance; f(x) = 1 f(x) 1
. n x^n
the graph will be posted shortly........
where n is odd

where n is even

step1: Factor everything if possible
step 2: find the y- intercept (let x= 0)
step3: find the roots of the function by finding the roots of the numerator [ a(x)]
step4: find the vertical asmptote( s) by finding the roota of the denominator [b(x)]
step 5: find the horizontal asymptote.

case1: degree of a(x)<>
horizontal asymptote @ y= 0
case 2 : degree of a(x) = degree of b(x)
Horizontal asymptote found by: leading coefficient of a(x)
. leading coefficient of b(x)

case 3: degree of a(x) > degree of b(x)
no horizontal asymptote there may be a "slant asymptote" or a hole in the graph.

Step 6: Do a sign analysis of the function over the intervals defined by the roots and vertical asymptotes.
step 7: Sketch the graph
and the 4 examples we're doing tomorrow. and was it for our dictionary.

as the fraction gets smaller the product increases.
the denominator is getting closer to 0.
the answer is getting closer to infinity.
1/1/10 = 10
when you divide by 0 you get infinity. You are not allowed to divide by zero because you can't get infinity as an answer. infinity is not number.

Then next thing we knew the bell rang......
oh yeah the scribe for tomorrow is ..........................
rannell d. hope you have fun!


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