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Monday, January 30, 2006

The Adventure Continues ...

Our adventures in blogging continue....

Watch for 3 new blogs going live February 3, 2006 ...

Sunday, January 29, 2006

So Long ...

I'm so glad we've had this time together,

Just to have a laugh or learn some math,

Seems we've just got started and before you know it,

Comes the time we have to say, "So Long!"

So long everybody! Watch this space in February for pointers to new blogs for each of my classes.

Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu, and all those good bye things. ;-)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Message in a Podcast

We had our last class on Thursday and made a podcast to celebrate! We left ourselves a "pod capsule" in instead of a "time capsule."

Here is our Message in a Podcast (4 minutes, 26 seconds). Please leave any questions, concerns, complaints, compliments, confusions, uncertainties, anxieties or other inquiries in the comments to this post.

This isn't our last post yet -- I've got at least two more I want to get out before the end. ;-)

Friday, January 27, 2006

Blog before the EXAM...

Hahaha...... Wow... To think I'd post here before an exam. Pretty Ironic eh? Oh shoot... Didn't finish my scribe post. lol. Yeah I did. But anyways... Before the Pod get's Cast's out of the school. I'd like to say... Bye to everyone again. Espically to the Study Crew. Haha. The Blogging Crew. And the MATH Crew. Hahaha. Which is all of you guys. Math won't be the same ever again. And if we don't blog... I start a blog. Hahaha. But... Also A BIG THANK YOU TO Mr. Kuropatawa. The best Math Teacher ever. I can't live with out his jokes. lol.

So I probably won't see you guys for about....... A year or so but... I'll be arround on the blog(s). The Sargent Park Grade 8 blogging run... Some other random blogs and I'll sneek into the PC40 Winter 06 blog to leave a ton of comments. Hahaha. Hey I'll even show up to PC40s on the first day back in Semester 2. Hahaha. Also ahhh... Nevermind. lol.

Well anyways.. I'd just like to say. Good-bye and... GOOD LUCK ON YOUR EXAM!!!!

Peace. Richard C.

Monday, January 23, 2006


So you’re probably wondering... Why I asked Liz to pick me as scribe? Why am I scribing even before class started? and... Who am I in general? Well I asked Liz to pick me as scribe because I wanted to scribe one last time before Math ends. Hahaha. I’m going to miss math… *cries. Well anyways. To answer the second question. I have to make up for taking Liz’s math Dictionary right now. Hahaha… yes I’m sorry. Don’t blame Liz… Blame me. Haha… And also… The scribe for tuesday would be up at like… 12:00 Midnight because I get home at like 11:30 lol… (Unless I do it at lunch… Which is highly unlikely…) And My name is Richard. Well anyways… Tonight I scribe about Yesterday.

Well we had allot of notes… And allot of notes… And… A few jokes. (Anyone get the punch line) [Probably Not] {Dang I suck} We also had a story and a “pod casting news event” lol

We took allot of stuff in our dictionary… And because I forgot my glasses I took Liz’s dictionary instead… lol. Haha.

[Insert Example 1 - 4]

After that we took a visit to consumer math. One lesson we dare not learn… And put it in our Math Dictionary.

[Insert Consumer Math Diagram & Notes]

Well that’s it for tonight... Hehehe… Scribe tomorrow… Hehe…

Homework was the last exercise to whenever and Mr. K keeps on forgetting his pennies

Today.... We finished our Math Dictionary. AND..

END OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So... We had a good time the whole class. (AKA PARTY!!!)

Tomarrow's scribe is.... Kasia. Hahaha

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday Punting Practice

Like sokoban the target is to push objects (in this case punt-discs or 'pucks') around a maze to cover various targets. In a punt maze however the pusher slides forward tilt-style until it hits an obstacle, and a puck that gets struck will be punted forward a matching distance.'

'Aim: Use the black cross as a pusher to 'punt' the yellow pucks onto the blue targets.
Movement: Use the arrow buttons provided to move the pusher (black cross). The pusher will run in a straight line until it hits a wall or a yellow puck. If it hits a puck the puck will be punted forward a matching distance.'

Are you ready to play?

(Thanks again to Think Again!)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Why Should I Learn Math?

This is taken from an article (Math Will Rock Your World) from Business Week. A few snippets:

Y'wanna get a really interesting job working with people on lots of interesting things?

But just look at where the mathematicians are now. They're helping to map out advertising campaigns, they're changing the nature of research in newsrooms and in biology labs, and they're enabling marketers to forge new one-on-one relationships with customers. As this occurs, more of the economy falls into the realm of numbers. Says James R. Schatz, chief of the mathematics research group at the National Security Agency: "There has never been a better time to be a mathematician."

Learn math!

How'd ya like a six figure salary?

...new math grads land with six-figure salaries and rich stock deals. Tom Leighton, an entrepreneur and applied math professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, says: "All of my students have standing offers at Yahoo! (YHOO) and Google (GOOG)."

Learn math.

D'ya wanna to work on the biggest most cutting edge issues of our day?

This mathematical modeling of humanity promises to be one of the great undertakings of the 21st century. It will grow in scope to include much of the physical world as mathematicians get their hands on new flows of data .... "We turn the world of content into math, and we turn you into math," says Howard Kaushansky, CEO of Boulder (Colo.)-based Umbria Inc., a company that uses math to analyze marketing trends online.

Learn math.

Y'wanna make one of the most significant contributions to the betterment of humanity?

"The next Jonas Salk will be a mathematician, not a doctor."

Learn math.

What are the implications for k-12 education?

Outfitting students with the right quantitative skills is a crucial test facing school boards and education ministries worldwide. This is especially true in America. The U.S. has long leaned on foreigners to provide math talent in universities and corporate research labs. Even in the post-September 11 world, where it is harder for foreigners to get student visas, an estimated half of the 20,000 math grad students now in the U.S. are foreign-born. A similar pattern holds for many other math-based professions, from computer science to engineering.

The challenge facing the U.S. now is twofold. On one hand, the country must breed more top-notch mathematicians at home, especially as foreigners find greater opportunities abroad. This will require revamping education, engaging more girls and ethnic minorities in math, and boosting the number of students who make it through calculus, the gateway for math-based disciplines. "It's critical to the future of our technological society," says Michael Sipser, head of the mathematics department at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At the same time, school districts must cultivate greater math savvy among the broader population to prepare it for a business world in which numbers will pop up continuously. This may well involve extending the math curriculum to include more applied subjects such as statistics.

Learn more math!

"But I don't like math. Besides, I don't need it. I'm going into the humanities or business!"

As mathematicians expand their domain into the humanities, they're working with new data, much of it untested. "It's very possible for people to misplace faith in numbers," says Craig Silverstein, director of technology at Google. The antidote at Google and elsewhere is to put mathematicians on teams with specialists from other disciplines, including the social sciences.

Just as mathematicians need to grapple with human quirks and mysteries, managers and entrepreneurs must bone up on mathematics. Midcareer managers can delegate much of this work to their staffers. But they still must understand enough about math to question the assumptions behind the numbers. "Now it's easier for people to bamboozle someone by having analysis based on lots of data and graphs," says Paul C. Pfleiderer, a finance professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. "We have to train people in business to spot a bogus argument."

Ya gotta learn more math!

Yes, it's a magnificent time to know math.

'Nuff said.