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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


For you guys who really need help Blogging or Posting or Just doing Whatever around here. Here's some help.

Part 0: Getting On Blogger

For most of us who already made an Account. You already know. For the rest of us... Sigh/// You had to ask... No I asked. Hahaha. We'll first go here. Blogger Home If you didn't sign up. Then sign up. Hahaha. If you already did... Then look for the Sign in Box and sign in with the account you made.

Part 1: Editing Your Profile.

There are two ways to find the link to edit your profile. #1 is at the Dashboard. There's a link that says Edit your profile on the Right Side. #2 is if your viewing your profile. There's a link to edit your profile on the Left Side. Remember you can only edit your profile if your signed in. Duh. Hahaha. Well When you Click on those links you end up in the Edit Profile Page. You can change allot of stuff. Including your screen name for you guys who still need to edit your screen name. Esp. the Pre Cal 20S Guys. Once your done. Look for the Save Profile button and save.

Part 2: Making a Blog.

If you really wanna make a blog. I mean really... Like if your CRAZY ABOUT BLOGGING!!! Go to the Dashboard. Click on Create a blog. Make a title. Make an address. Write the silly little letters. Choose a template and I think your done. Blog made.

Part 3: Posting on a Blog.

Everyone needs help on this one right. Ya I know. A blog by my definition is a series of collective thoughts in your mind that you just wanna get out in the world weather it's funny, sad, happy or mad or something else that doesn't fit on any of those categories. Or. For everyone else out there. Something You do when you got nothing to do. But I like the first Definition better. Don't you. Well... To post on Blogger. Go to The Dashboard. It always starts with the Dashboard. Then go to. New Post. You should automatically be on the create a post page. Then you type a title. YES TITLES are IMPORTANT!!! They Define the Blog. Weather it's a SCRIBE Post or Just a Random thing that you wanna post. Titles are important. Because it makes things allot easier. Now the content. In the Big Rectangle with the white space is where you write your blog. I already stated that it can be funny, sad... I am not gonna go through that again.... Well anyways... After you write whatever. Click on Publish Post. And you don't like what you wrote. Go click on Save as draft. Which means you can still edit the post whenever you like but it will not be shown on the blog. Did I cover everything... Um Ya.

Part 4: Editing a Post.

Now this is fun. Hahaha. Thought I was finished eh? Of course not. Muhahaha. Too bad. Well to Edit a post that you posted. YES YOU cause only you can prevent... I mean. Edit your own posts. Cause Only you can sign in to your blogger account. Does that make sense... Whatever. So you click on Edit Posts. Find your post. And then. Click on Edit. Easy as that. Then you edit your post and click on Publish Post again. But you don't want that post to go back up you can again go to Save as Draft.

Part 5: Deleting a Post.

Quick and Simple. Your Work. Your Post. Only You can Delete your posts. Dashboard... Arg... Ok. Just find edit posts and look for the delete thing and that's that. Ok that was weak.

Part 6: Leaving a comment.

Comments are cool. Of course they are. They provide insight to everything we do on a blog. That's why I try to leave a comment in every post that comes up. They help writers become better writers. Etc. It's really a complicated process. Don't just write Good Job or Cool Post like I've been doing. I'm really getting lazy. Provide comments that leave a Blogger something to think about or improve. They could even edit their post just because of one comment. So remember this. Comment's are good.

Part 7. Yes. Other Stuff...

This stuff is practically random. Or just some stuff to do while editing a post. But it deserves it's own mention. Um. To add an image click on the add image button on the post. To add a link click on the add a link button on the post. To edit your HTML code click on the edit HTML tag. It's really useful for all of your HTML users out there. You can change the colours of your text on the colour text button. Also. You can also chang the size of the text. The Font. Bold, Italic. Did I miss anything? Oh ya. To change where your post is on the blog. Yes this is important. Change the time and date. It really works. Really.

Hey. Person reading my blog. Yes you. Am I missing anything? Well Leave a comment then. Hahaha. Well that's the end of that. If you need extra help. Call my cell. Hahahahahahahaha. Later.


At 9/21/2005 11:17 PM, Blogger Darren Kuropatwa said...

Richard, this is great! I might be able to refer all my students in all my current and future blogs to this post of yours to help them "figure out Blogger." -- Thanks!

You made some really good points about what blogging is and about how important comments are -- you really hit the nail on the head with that one.

To me blogging has three parts to it: Read, Think, Write. If you do a lot of those first two before you write then your writing usually comes across more powerfully. A good way to end a blog post is with a question that encourages the reader to develop and explore the ideas you touched on further.

I call comments "The Coin of the Realm." Check out this post from my grade 12 class's blog last semester -- you'll see what I mean.

Again, thanks for that post. Tremendously helpful to current and future bloggers.

At 9/24/2005 9:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Well done. I'm going to share this with the teachers that I work with. Thanks for helping out your classmates -- and the rest of us!

At 9/25/2005 3:18 PM, Blogger Ree-SharD said...

Cool I'm commenting on my own Post. Hahahahaha. Anyways. Thanks Isa, Aichelle, Mr. Kuropatwa. and Bud Hunt from Colorado USA. Well anyways. I kinda got what you said Mr. Kuropatwa. To end a blog post with a question...It's confusing... Yet understandable in one way or another. If someone knows what I mean. Cause Someone Does. Right...?


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