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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Scribe Alive

So, it's my first time being the scribe. I can't promise it will be the ultimate greatest post ever. Buuuut, I'll do my best.

In todays class, Mr. K started by putting up questions on the board for us to graph.
1. y = sin x - 2
2. y = -2 cos x
3. y = 1/2 sin x + 2

Going over these questions, Mr. K pointed out where the sinusoidal axis is, and whether the wave of sin or cos will stretch out.

Mr. K later wrote on the board questions like these:
f(x) = sin x
g(x) = sin (x-45)
Where "-45" in the equation, tells you to shift the graph 45 degrees to the right. This is called a "faze shift" Remember guys, watch the sign.


The topic of FM and AM radio came up. And Mr. K told us to raise our hands for people who listened to AM radio. And, I'm pretty sure no one raised their hands. Pretty funny. He told us, or most of the class answered what FM stood for, Frequency Modulation, and AM stood for Amplitude Modulation. But the whole point was that, the waves of sine and cosine look like radio waves.

Then the question popped up about the difference between these equations:
y = sin (x+90) & y = cos x
AND GUESS WHAT GUYS? They're the same thing!


y = sin (x+90) is shifted 90 degrees to the left, both of the waves end up in the same place. (Sorry if you they don't overlap each other equally, I needed to put them a little side-by-side so you know that there are two waves there, and not just one. But, they really do over lap each other perfectly.)

He gave us a worksheet to do, but we didn't work on it in class. And we are not allowed to use our calculators before doing the graph guys! Because, that's not the purpose. Do the graph first, and then check your answer on the calculator to see if what you came up with is right.

Mr. K put up notes on the board to put into our dictionaries.
To start off, was:

Standard Position: An angle is in "Standard Position" when its vertex is at the orgin (centre of a circle) and one arm lies along the positive x-axis.


Related Angles: (A.K.A. reference angles) Given any angle in standard position, its related angle is the angle made by the terminal arm and the x-axis.


- All related angles are acute
- All quadrant I angles are their own related angles

And the last thing we wrote in our dictionaries was "Sinusoidal Graphs"

Standard Form:
f(x) = A sin B (-C) + D

Basic Graph:

f(x) = A cos B (x-C) + D

Basic Graph:

I know I copied most of this straight from our dictionaries, but it's here for people who missed class. Sorry once again if I left anything out. Tried my best!

SO... Eanie, Meanie, Miney, Mo, the next scribe is Jamilyn G. Have fun.


At 9/29/2005 9:47 PM, Blogger Ree-SharD said...

Hahaha. That's ok. It's cool. Hahaha. So many photos. Must of took a while eh? Great Job. The dictionary thing doesn't matter. It's how you explain it anyways. And somebody finally used Enine, Meany, Miny Mo. Hahahaha. Good Stuff. Well I'm out. (I won the race!!! HAHAHAHA)

At 9/29/2005 9:48 PM, Blogger AichelleS. said...

haha wow that was amazing and really helpful, and I LOVE THE COLOURS!!! HAHA (I lost the race but tomorrow RICHARD, IT'S ON!!!)

At 9/29/2005 9:57 PM, Blogger Jacky S. said...

Great post=)!!!

At 9/29/2005 11:07 PM, Blogger Darren Kuropatwa said...

Rannel, that took my breath away.

Great pics, excellent detail in the description -- it was almost like being there -- and the use of colour complemented the text.

Outstanding! You've set the bar very high for the scribes that follow. ;-)

At 9/29/2005 11:14 PM, Blogger KAT said...

great post rannell =)


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