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Friday, September 09, 2005

Scribes Subscribe

Hahaha. So… I don’t know what to say… *Reads last post… Oh so that’s how you do it. Hahaha. So today in math we talked about Quadratic Functions. And how it’s important in Math. The first thing we talked about Foil. And guess what. No more Foil anymore. Ok. Just great. We now must all depend on the distributive property. Because Foil will Foil you. Hahahaha. Then we figured out how to use different perspectives to figure out an equation like X2+5X+6=0. Finally we got to get open our Graphing Calculators. So big… Err… Confusing… Just great. At least were learning how to use a Graphing Calculator like this instead of reading that big instruction book. By the way. No more Division… :’( Only Multiplication... My life has just got more complicated… Great. The last thing we did was some definitions for our Math Dictionary. Bell Rings. Homework. Next Class. What fun…

The Next Scribe is... ELIZABETH


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