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Monday, October 31, 2005

Scribbinggg .

In the beginning of class Mr. K gave us three questions to solve on the board but only explained how to do the first two because class was almost finished.

Question 1:
Find the area of ∆ABC
with A(3,0) B(-1,2) and C(-4,-3)

First make a sketch to help you determine what you're trying to find.

Since you know you're trying to find the area and area of a triangle is BASE x HEIGHT. You have to find the height of the triangle using the slope formula

Then use the point-slope formula to find out what you can use to substitute into the Distance formula.

Now substitute

Now since you have the information you need to answer the question substitute the numbers in the formula.

Question 2:
Prove that quadrilateral ABCD with A(-2,-2) B(-1,2) C(8,6) and D(7,2) is a parallelogram. Also prove that its diagonals are not equal in length.


To find out if the quadrilateral is a parallelogram it must have two sides with the same slope.

Therefore it is a parallelogram.

Now to find out if the diagonals are equal find the distances between them.

The diagonals are not equal in length.

** For full marks you need to have statements or words to show what you did or you will lose marks.

Question 3: Draw each pair of lines on the same cartesian plane.
We did not go over.


Then we put some notes in our dictionaries and class was over.

"Never stop and give up. There are always pauses to stop and look at what you did, keep your eye on the destination and keep your mind on the goal."

Scribe for tomorrow is JonathanJ

SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT .. it's halloween yeeeno !


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