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Friday, January 27, 2006

Blog before the EXAM...

Hahaha...... Wow... To think I'd post here before an exam. Pretty Ironic eh? Oh shoot... Didn't finish my scribe post. lol. Yeah I did. But anyways... Before the Pod get's Cast's out of the school. I'd like to say... Bye to everyone again. Espically to the Study Crew. Haha. The Blogging Crew. And the MATH Crew. Hahaha. Which is all of you guys. Math won't be the same ever again. And if we don't blog... I start a blog. Hahaha. But... Also A BIG THANK YOU TO Mr. Kuropatawa. The best Math Teacher ever. I can't live with out his jokes. lol.

So I probably won't see you guys for about....... A year or so but... I'll be arround on the blog(s). The Sargent Park Grade 8 blogging run... Some other random blogs and I'll sneek into the PC40 Winter 06 blog to leave a ton of comments. Hahaha. Hey I'll even show up to PC40s on the first day back in Semester 2. Hahaha. Also ahhh... Nevermind. lol.

Well anyways.. I'd just like to say. Good-bye and... GOOD LUCK ON YOUR EXAM!!!!

Peace. Richard C.


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