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Monday, January 23, 2006


So you’re probably wondering... Why I asked Liz to pick me as scribe? Why am I scribing even before class started? and... Who am I in general? Well I asked Liz to pick me as scribe because I wanted to scribe one last time before Math ends. Hahaha. I’m going to miss math… *cries. Well anyways. To answer the second question. I have to make up for taking Liz’s math Dictionary right now. Hahaha… yes I’m sorry. Don’t blame Liz… Blame me. Haha… And also… The scribe for tuesday would be up at like… 12:00 Midnight because I get home at like 11:30 lol… (Unless I do it at lunch… Which is highly unlikely…) And My name is Richard. Well anyways… Tonight I scribe about Yesterday.

Well we had allot of notes… And allot of notes… And… A few jokes. (Anyone get the punch line) [Probably Not] {Dang I suck} We also had a story and a “pod casting news event” lol

We took allot of stuff in our dictionary… And because I forgot my glasses I took Liz’s dictionary instead… lol. Haha.

[Insert Example 1 - 4]

After that we took a visit to consumer math. One lesson we dare not learn… And put it in our Math Dictionary.

[Insert Consumer Math Diagram & Notes]

Well that’s it for tonight... Hehehe… Scribe tomorrow… Hehe…

Homework was the last exercise to whenever and Mr. K keeps on forgetting his pennies

Today.... We finished our Math Dictionary. AND..

END OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So... We had a good time the whole class. (AKA PARTY!!!)

Tomarrow's scribe is.... Kasia. Hahaha


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