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Thursday, September 22, 2005

myy blog =)

Today's pre-test was weiiirrrddd..... it's just I totally blanked out for the first 5 minutes then for the rest i was rushing, I thought I was the only who didn't understand it =(... But I wasn't! And in my group we all helped each other out and Mr. K explained everything and I'm starting to get it. When someone told me pre-cal30s was hard I didn't believe it until now! But you guys are making it easier, Mr. K wasn't kidding these blogs are preeeettttyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gooooodd and a HUGE help to everyone, especially me! SO THANK YOU!

Test tomorrow hope everyone is studying and is ready. My tip is relax... we've gone over every single bit of detail in class... so don't worry your ready!! Oh and before I forget... though we're trying to remember all those equations and parabolas don't forget about checking over the simple stuff like multiplying and adding/subtracting.

OH WAIT! lol.... don't forget to check over your test in the end. TRUST ME! So many times in the past i didn't check over my test and i lost a mark because of something... alright that's all =) good luck everyone....


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