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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Next Round of Bloggers...

Man... Man... Man... This is great... Test is now on Tuesday... Man... Ok it feels like I'm ranting... But I shouldn't be. Hahaha.

So anyways. This unit is really, really, really, umm.. How would I put this. Intermediate/HARD. Hahahahaha. That was strange... Haha.

Well anyways. I understand the basic concepts. Check.
I know how to apply them. Check?
I can do problem solving questions. D.N.E. Hahaha
Anything else... I am so screwed... Man...

Anyways. To my point of this whole, short & sweet blog post... I'm a bringing back "The MUDDIEST POINT" for this unit and calling it.

"THE SUPER MUDDIEST ALGEBRAIC POINT" Dum dum dum. And I'm going to set the date on the blog post so it's going to be the first blog post you see until Saturday night.

That should work. Hah. So if we have problems on this unit. Cause I know we do. And I know the class as well as I do. And If we do this Mr. K will give us help online. So it's a plus, plus, plus. HAHAHAHAHA

That was queer...

Well anyways. I'm a out. and I'm a back in. BTW I allways put this... If you need help blogging... Go to. BLOGGERS 'R 'US. Later///


At 10/20/2005 10:23 PM, Blogger AichelleS. said...

nice postage haha


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