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Monday, November 14, 2005

Solving Equations -- Lots of 'em!

A couple of reviews to get us started:

    Solving Inequalities and
    Systems of Linear Inequalities

This is a well done tutorial on solving linear inequalities including a few absolute value inequalities. You can find other types of inequalities (quadratic, polynomial and rational) here.

This is a good review of solving various types of equations.

You can find a tutorial, quiz and graphing calculator tips on solving systems of linear equations here.

Here you can find two tutorials (solving graphically and algebraically), a quiz and graphing calculator tips for solving non-linear systems. i.e. a line and a parabola.

All about graphing circles and parabolas is over there.

Absolute value inequalities -- tutorial here and practice there.

And, to round off this overwhelming, information laden post, 5 quizzes you can try to see how well you understand the material:

Whew! That's a LOT of stuff!! But it's good to have a lot of material to work with before a big test. Isn't it? ;-)


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