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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Why Two Answers?

We've been learning how to solve trigonometric equations. I've tried to emphasize that when we are given an equation like sin(x) = (1/2) we are trying to work backwards from the vertical length that sine represents to the angle from which it came. (i.e. we are finding the inverse sine A.K.A. the arcsine)

Check out this applet. The red line repersents the sine of an angle. The blue and green lines represent the two angles associated with a single value of the sine function. Click on the lines and play with it -- you'll see what I mean. Make sure the [degrees] button is seleted in the top right corner of the applet window. You can also look at the cosine and tangent functions by clicking on the buttons you'll find there. We wont really be studying the tangent function until Pre-Cal 40S but there's nothing wrong with getting a head start. You can also see what happens when you click the [radians] button. ;-)

Heather can draw the pictures ... can you? ;-)


At 9/29/2005 6:17 PM, Blogger Ree-SharD said...

Er... Um... Nothing to say... Um... Pretty Colours??? Hahahaha. Ok F'real. It's a cool application. Yet it doesn't tell me much. If you know what I mean... And RADIANS looks DIFFICULT... (you use pie... Ahh...) Sigh///


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