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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Don't Read The Textbook .... Write It!

If you write it you probably understand it a whole lot better than if you just read it.

The internet has made all textbooks out of date. By the time a book gets published the world community has learned a whole lot more and shared it on the internet. Here's your chance to do the same. ;-)

First, the modern internet textbook is written in wiki format. A wiki is basically a website that can be created as easily as creating a blog post. Watch this to see what a wiki is and how it works.

After that check this out. It's a collection of text books that have been or are in the process of being written by an international community of ordinary people like you and I. As a matter of fact, YOU can add to any of them. Go ahead and do so if you wish. ;-)

What strikes me most powerfully about this latest development on the internet is the fact that anyone can write a textbook on any subject they wish! One of the textbooks being written is called How to pass a course. One of the things I really liked about this textbook was this:

Forming an understanding of the ideas behind each lecture requires active thinking. Try to think ahead of the professor: "What is he going to say next?". If the professor asks someone else a question, answer it in your head. If you answer wrong, try to think why it was wrong.

We will be using a wiki for our story project. Each participant will post their story problem and link to the solution which will be written on another page.

Do you think we should have our very own wiki in our very own webspace or should we add a textbook to the growing list of WikiBooks? Leave your thoughts in the comments to this post.

Mr. K.


At 10/02/2005 10:30 PM, Blogger Ree-SharD said...

Rock... Paper... Scissors... Hmm... I say... Well I dunno. Arg... So confusing... Hmm... Need to think about this...


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